Disk Harrow AGK 3.0

336100 UAH

Disk Harrow is highly technical equipment, the working elements of which have enhanced features. Each disk can withstand the weight of pressure up to 170 kg!

AGK 3.0 is ideal for cultivating compacted soil, as well as for the care of meadows and pastures. It easily and quickly destroys the weeds and recycles the residues of vegetable crops after the harvest.

Advantages of AGK-3.0

Two gangs of discs mounted on spring stands is the key solution of this tillage equipment design. The equipment is suitable for cultivation of clogged soil fertility and it provides the most effective weed trimming. AGK 3.0 leaves a smooth and slightly compacted surface of the field. Mulching covering protects the fertile layer of soil from erosion and excessive dehydration.

It is significant that the resistance of AGK 3.0 is reduced up to 15-20% compared to similar devices. Spring stands of disks provide a smooth passage through areas with obstacles. A low-frequency vibratory motion is the basics of the system that self-cleans discs from sticking crops and their residues.

Design features AGK-3.0:

  • Two gangs of disks of different diameters
  • Reinforced design of frame
  • Available spring assembly
  • Boron steel discs


Type Semi-mounted
Working width, (m) 3.0
Productivity, (ha/h) 3.0‒3.6
Operating speed, (km/h) 10-12
Working depth, (cm) 10-17
Attack angle of disks, (degree) 15
Type of working details double disk
Number of working details, (pcs.) 12
Number of disks, (pcs.) 24
Disk diameter, (mm) 610/650
Transport speed, not more than (km/h) 20
Length ( in transport position), (mm) 6400
Width (in transport position), (mm) 3450
Height ( in transport position), (mm) 1650
Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 3450
Required tractor power, (hp) 120‒150
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