Compact disk harrow KRONOS 8 with knife rollers

1456000 uah

VELES AGRO has developed a unique knife roller, which is available as an option for the disk roller KRONOS with a seizing width of 4, 5, 6, 8 and 11 meters. The roller is installed in the front of the discs, in the work it shreds the plant remains in a transverse direction, and the disks of the unit in the longitudinal direction. The main purpose is to grind shrubbery rough stem remnants such as corn, sunflower, rape. The depth control is carried out by the hydraulic cylinder, and the roller washers allow to make exact fixation in the chosen position. The knives themselves are made of galvanized, wear-resistant, specialized steel, which undergoes a multi-stage complex thermomechanical treatment. They have a double girth to extend the service life (with wear that unfolds by 180 degrees and life expectancy is doubled, compared with the classic mounting method). The racks on which the roll is held are fastened to the frame structure through damping dampers to prevent the effects of vibration and shock loads. As an option for a better copy of the relief, the rink can be equipped with gidroakkomulyatorami for more accurate and smooth copying of the relief. When changing the field, if the rink is not needed, it does not need to be removed, but can be deactivated by lifting it up.

Compact disk harrow KRONOS 8 with knife rollers – a modern agricultural unit from the well-known Ukrainian manufacturer “Veles-Agro”, which possesses a decent set of options necessary for the qualitative development of soils of different types. Laying the soil to a given depth, compaction of soils, crushing and rolling of the cultivating residues, mixing the earth forming the upper fertile soil layer, with added mineral fertilizers – these and many other functions are capable of assuming an aggregate of compact dimensions that, in combination with Integrated chassis provide high maneuverability of the unit.

You can buy KRONOS 8 disk harrow by using the convenient function of the VELES AGRO online store. We have set extremely affordable prices and are ready to guarantee a decent quality of every product available in our Agro-Base. Exploitation of agricultural machinery is related to the need to occasionally make replacement of spare parts and hardware, restoration of the functional hinged, trailer equipment. In the content catalog, you will also find everything you need for efficient maintenance of agricultural units.


Unit type Trailed
Width, (m) 7.7
Depth of processing, (cm) 3 – 12
Pressure on 1 disk, (kg) 170
Distance between discs, (mm) 220
Working speed, (km/h) 8 – 20
Transport speed, (km/h) 20
Number of disks, (pcs) 68 + 2
Diameter of the disk of the working element, (mm) 520
Thickness of the disk of the working element, (mm) 6
he angle of attack of the discs, (degrees) 17
Tilt angle of discs, (degree) 7
Transport length with lighting, (m) 8000
Transport width, (mm) 4000
Transport height, (mm) 4000
Traction demand, (hp) 300 – 400
Weight of the machine with rubber-wedge roller, (kg) 12000
Unit weight with tubular roller, (kg) 11550
Weight of the machine with a skating rink, (kg)  –
Unit weight with segment roller, (kg)  –
Mass of the unit with a pile roller, (kg)  –
Number of double-acting hydraulic outputs, (pcs)  –
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