Hydraulic tractor loader (manipulator, light weight) GST-1000 “Range”. Lite version of the basic loader GTS-1000. The simplification consists in the absence of a mechanism for turning the loader, but at the same time it will be possible to transport the goods at short distances. In this case, the control of the loader is carried out completely from the cockpit of the tractor. Loader GST-1000 “Range” is aggregated with tractors equipped with three-point attachments (couplings) of categories 2 and 3 according to ISO-730-1: 1994 and ASAE S217.11 as well as categories 2W / 2 and 3N / 3 according to GOST ISO -730: 2013, which corresponds to cars with an engine power of 48 to 185 kW.

Coupling (hanging on the tractor) three-point
Lifting capacity at full
reach of arrow, (kg)
1 000
Maximum lift height, (m) 6.5
Maximum outreach, (m) 5.5
The necessary pressure in the hydraulic
system of the tractor, (bar)
160 ‒ 180
The angle of rotation of the tower (deg°)
Width, (m) 1.6
Length, (m) 0.5
Height, (m) 3.0
Weight of manipulator, (kg) 580
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