Mounted disk harrow PDM 2.5 (2) (with adjustable row-spacing and boron steel disks)

106700 UAH

We offer you a disk harrow PDM 2.5 (2) produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer, the agricultural machinery of which does not require advertising among the Ukrainian and foreign farmers. The tillage equipments of this brand become victorious at exhibitions and take their rightful place in the industrial parks of small farms and the largest agricultural holdings.

The disk harrow PDM 2.5 (2) is the mounted tillage equipment, which is best suited for the preparation of soil for sowing in different climatic zones. The only condition for obtaining excellent results is the absence of flagstone and other obstacles. The tillage is done by loosening at the predetermined depth with the parallel implementation of such options, as the grinding, embedding of vegetable residues, surface leveling, and embedding of fertilizer.

The design features of the model PDM 2.5 (2):

  • Quickly and easy adjustment of the row spacing
  • Mounting of disks due to one-piece bracket
  • Stable frame made of wear-resistant steel
  • Individual stands for working disk with the possibility of an optimal inclination angle
  • Packer roller that regulates the depth of the impact

If you want to purchase the agricultural machinery, you can contact the representatives of the Veles-Agro in your area. To contact our company managers, please use the information from the contact page of the website!


Type Mounted
Working width, (m) 2.5
Productivity, (ha/h) 2.0-2.5
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working depth, (cm) 8-20
Angle of attack of disks, (degrees) 16…20…24
Number of working disks, (pcs) 14
Diameter of working disk, (mm) 640
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h) 20
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 2200
Width, (mm) 2820
Height, (mm.) 1300
Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 1170
Required power of tractor, (hp) 90-100
Traction category of tractor 1.4-2.0
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