Mounted moldboard plow PNV- 4.35 with trash board

34730 UAH

A PNV plow 4.35 is the moldboard tillage equipment, which is attached to the tractor via a reliable joint-hinge. It is suitable for preparation of soil for sowing and technical crops.

This model of plow is equipped with boron steel working bodies that can penetrate into the soil at the depth of 30 cm, in the case that the soil is not clogged with rock and fieldstone. It can be used in all areas, except for the places where the mountain farming is.

A tractor with a traction category 2.0 will fit to the moldboard plow PNV-4.35. As planned by the designers, the location of the right wheels of the tractor must be in the furrow, which will reduce fuel consumption, reduce the towing, increase the drawbar weight. This should be considered when choosing agricultural units.

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Type Mounted
Working width, (m) 1.4
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working width, (cm) 18-30
Number of working bodies, (pcs) 4
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 3300
Width, (mm) 2450
Height, (mm) 1500
Weight of plow, (kg) 520
Required power of tractor, (hp) 100-130
Traction category of power 2.0
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