Disk Harrow AGN 2.5 (2) (semi-mounted)

182900 UAH

Disk Harrow AGN 2.5 (2) is a semi-mounted disk equipment for cultivation of the soil during pre-sowing and after harvest period. Many agrarians like this practical and functional equipment, as they know the future harvest of grain and industrial crops depends on soil loosening in the initial phase.

On request, the manufacturer is ready to equip the disk harrow AGN 2.5 with a two-point mount. It is possible to delivery this mount as a separate and additional option.

Among the important design features of a disk harrow AGN 2.5 are:

  • Adjustment of the row spacing
  • Convenient replacement of bearings
  • Adjustable angle of attack of disks
  • Boron steel discs that resistant to wear and negative influences
  • Variable control of working depth


Type semi-mounted
Working width, (m) 2,5
Productivity, (ha/h) 2,0-2,5
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working depth, (cm) 8-20
Attack angle of disks, (degree) 16…20…24
Number of working details, (pcs.) 14
Disk diameter, (mm) 640
Transport speed not more than, (km/h) 20
Length, (mm) 5500
  Width, (mm) 2960
  Height, (mm) 1565
 Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 1770
Required tractor power, (hp)   80-100
Traction class of tractor 1.4-1.2
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