Disk harrow AGN 4.2 (2) (semi-mounted)

426200 грн.

Disk harrow AGN 4.2 is semi-mounted tillage equipment that is used for pre-sowing and planting by loosening soil at the given depth. In one pass, the functional equipment performs the following:

  • Grinding and burying of plant residues
  • Careful cultivation and leveling the surface
  • Fertilizing

Advantages of AGN 4.2

Disk Harrow AGN 4.2 has greater steadiness while significantly reducing the load on the rear row of disks. Thanks to the efficient weight allocation of equipment in transport position, it is possible to increase the space between the rows of discs. In this model, the possible distance is 120 cm. Tillage equipment of AGN series can have the offset discs towards to each other, which level fields fully.

Designers of Veles-Agro company have developed a special element for fastening of the working body of AGN 4.2 equipment ─ a one-piece bracket made of stainless steel, the use of which can significantly reduce the load on the device frame. Such a design significantly improves the durability of the tillage equipment. AGN disks are installed on separate stands. The angle of inclination towards the bottom of the furrow is 16˚.

Design features of AGN 4.2:

  • Effective regulation system of row spacing and the angle of attack of disks
  • Maximum replacement system of bearings
  • Boron steel working details
  • Smooth adjustment of the working depth


Type Semi-mounted
Working width, (m) 4,2
Productivity, (ha/h) 3,0-4,2
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working depth, (cm) 8-20
Attack angle of disk, (degree) 16…20…24
Number of working details, (pcs.) 24
Disk diameter, (mm) 640
Transport speed, not more than (km/h) 20
Length (in transport position), (mm) 6000
  Width(in transport position), (mm) 4300
 Height (in transport position), (mm) 1710
  Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 3500
Required power of tractor, (hp) 170-220
Traction class of tractor 3.0
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