Mounted disk harrow PD 2.2 (2) (with boron steel disks)

92700 UAH

A disk harrow PD 2.2 (2) is the mounted tillage equipment, which has 12 boron steel disks in its basic version. This equipment thoroughly and quickly cultivates the fields that are not clogged with flagstone and other obstacles for sowing different crops.

The disk harrow PD 2.2 manages to perform a few important tasks in a single pass, thus it helps to lessen time for seedbed preparation and significantly reduce the fuel costs.

The following design features of PD 2.2 are worthy to be outlined:

  • More rigid frame structure
  • Adjustable angle of attack of disks
  • Easy installation system of working bodies
  • Stepless adjustment system of the working depth

You can find out more information about this and other models of tillage equipment of the Ukrainian producer Veles-Agro by going to our website and using the information at the contact page!


Type Mounted
Working depth, (m) 2.2
Productivity, (ha/h) 1.5-2.2
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working depth, (cm) 8-20
Angle of attack of disks, (degrees) 16…20…24
Number of working disks, (pcs) 12
Diameter of working disk, (mm) 640
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h) 20
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 2180
Width, (mm ) 2430
Height, (mm) 1230
Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 1050
Required power of tractor, (hp) 80-90
Traction category of power 1.4-2.0
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