Mounted disk harrow PD mounted 2.5 (1)

95650 UAH

A disk harrow PD 2.5 (1) is the mounted tillage equipment that cultivates the soil for sowing crops. It is ideal for the treatment of soil in any climatic zones (exception – mountain areas). The disk harrows of this model show the best results in areas that are not clogged with flagstone and other unwanted obstacles.

Design features

The filed surface is in the process of hoeing at the predetermined depth under the influence of boron steel working disks on the ground. The inclination angle of disks towards the bottom of the furrow is 16˚. The working parts are mounted on a single stand, providing a good turnover of soil layers.

The disk harrow PD 2.5 (1) simultaneously performs several important operations:

  • Grinding of crop residues
  • Embedding of grinded plant substrate
  • Leveling the field surface
  • Embedding of fertilizer

This model includes a more rigid frame, which guarantees the durability and reliability of the tillage equipment. The boron steel disks will not require a soon replacement as well, which ensure a rapid return of spent costs on agricultural machinery from the Ukrainian brand Veles-Agro. The purchase of disk harrows and other tillage machines directly from the manufacturer allows reducing costs and gaining confidence in 100% genuine products.


Type Mounted
Working width, (m) 2.5
Productivity, (ha/h) 2.0-2.5
Operating speed, (km/h) 8-10
Working depth, (cm) 8-20
Angle of attack of disks, (degrees) 16…20…24
Number of working disks, (pcs) 14
Diameter of working disk, (mm) 640
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h ) 20
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 2180
Width, (mm) 2900
Height, (mm) 1230
Weight of disk harrow, (kg) 1170
Required power of tractor, (hp) 90-100
Traction category of tractor 1.4-2.0
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