Reversible mounted plow PON 3-35 from Veles-Agro

130000 uah

A reversible plow PON 3-35 is the mounted tillage machine from Veles-Agro Company, which since its appearance has won the favor of many of our best farmers on the Ukrainian market and in other countries. This model is classified in the PON category of modern high-performance plows, which also include the tillage implements with five and seven bodies.

Design features

The reversible plow PON-3-35 is a compact device, the weight of which in the basic version is 730 kg. Accordingly, it requires 82 hp in order to cause a movement of the unit. The working width can be adjusted from 280 to 400 mm. The position of the functional components of device is set out by a shift of the attaching bolts in the required holes. The support wheel and the linkage of tractor are involved in the adjusting process of the working depth.

If you want to learn more about the features of this and other models of reversible mounted plows from Veles-Agro, please contact the competent managers of our company. High quality and reliable equipment may be affordable only if it is made with love for its native land!


Type Mounted
Operating speed, (km/h) 4-8
Productivity per hour 0.34-0.96
Working width, (m) 0.84-1.2
Working width of body, (mm) 280/320/360/400
Spacing between bodies, not more than, (mm) 780
Spacing from the supporting plane of bodies to a low frame plane, not more than, (mm) 700
Working depth, not more than, (cm) 30
Number of working bodies, (pcs.) 3
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 3100
Width, (mm) 1800
Height, (mm) 1540
Road clearance, not more than, (mm) 300
Weight of plow, (kg) 730
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h) 15
Required power of tractor, (hp) 82-112
Traction category of tractor 1.4-2.0
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