Reversible semi-mounted plow PON-5-40 + 1

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A reversible semi-mounted plow PON-5-40 + 1 is for cost-effective and highly efficient preparation of soil for sowing cereal and industrial crops. The depth of tillage can be adjusted from 18-35 cm.

A model PON- 5-40 + 1 has following distinguished features:

  • Simplicity in operation
  • Guaranteed high quality plowing
  • Good performance

Design features of PON-5-40 + 1

A frame with invert mechanism, the rear supporting wheel, right and left bodies, the hitch bar and many others are plow parts that form a strong and durable design of the plow PON-5-40 + The plow totally has 10 bodies (5 left, 5 right), which are equipped with band moldboard bottoms. A PON series has several productive plows, which lets choose the best option for solving specific tasks.

A band structure of moldboard is not a random choice of designers. This design feature makes an easy loosening in wet conditions. After plowing with PON-5-40 + 1, no seams are left even in unsuitable conditions for plowing!

The basis of design features is a boron steel frame, which has an increased margin of safety and durability. This frame is the main part of soil equipment, because all assembly units are mounted to it. It consists of square section bars, fastened together by hinges.

Advantages of PON plow:

  • High maneuverability
  • Good productivity
  • Ability to quickly turn around even on a narrow headland
  • Easily adjusted working width of working bodies
  • Highly durable frame
  • High quality tillage
  • Effective plowing of edge fields and hard to reach places (areas along fences and ditches)
  • Possible transportation of a plow at high speed without causing a heavy load on a tractor
  • Working width from 165 to 400 cm
  • Manufactured parts and components under the constant supervision of experienced technologists
  • Minimum maintenance costs!

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Type semi-mounted
Working width, (m) 1.98-3.0
Working width of body,( mm) 330/380/440/500
Working depth, (cm) 18-35
Number of working bodies, (pcs.) 6
Spacing between bodies, (mm) 1000
Overall dimensions
Length, (mm) 7050-8050
Width, (mm) 1720
Height, (mm) 3010
Clearance under frame, (mm) 800
Weight of plow, (kg) 2500-2750
Required power of tractor, (hp.) 225-270
 Traction category of tractor 3.0-4.0
Recommended operating (speed, km/) 7-10
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