Precision seed drill SPM-6

662000 UAH

SPM-6 is a seed drill designed for dotted sowing of crops. In one pass, it performs the sowing of calibrated and no calibrated inoculums and mineral fertilizers (in dry form). Moreover, the functional equipment provides high quality packing of soil in the seedbeds.

Advantages of the model SPM-6

The American manufacturer’s precision sowing devices, the quality of which is high without any doubt, are responsible for the precision sowing. At the heart of a progressive metering seed system, there is a vacuum effect.

Initially, the operating work of two disk coulters with replica wheels is accurately performed at the predetermined planting depth. The V-shaped wheels do packing of soil and the level of packing, which they do, can be adjustable.

In this model of a seed drill, a «smart» planting system controls all-important indicators at the time of sowing the crops. Fertilizers are embedded into the soil through the pressure of double disc coulters. Depending on its assigned options, this design element is easily set.

Reliable and modern technology from the Ukrainian manufacturer!

The Seed drill SPM-6 from the Ukrainian Veles-Agro Company is suitable for use in all climate zones, except of mountain areas. The discs for efficient sowing of sunflower and corn are supplied together with a seed drill. It is recommended to use SPM-6 with a tractor of traction category- 1.4.

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Type trailed
Working width, (m) 4.2
Type of sowing devices Mechanical drive from supporting drive wheels
Seed distributor Pneumatic, disk type
Deviation from predetermined trace width, (cm) 70
Deviation from interfacial trace width, (cm) +/-2
Deviation from interfacial trace width, (cm) +/-5
Coulter pressure, (kg) 40-100
 Volume of grain hopper, (dm3) 40
Volume of fertilizer hopper, (dm3) 300
Sowing depth of seed, (cm) 2-12
Number of coulters, (pcs.) 6
Sowing speed, (km/h) 8-11
Norm of fertilizer embedding, (kg/ha) 30-500
Norm of seed sowing, (ths.pcs./ha)
– corn 30-180
– sunflower 25-120
Unsteadiness of general seed sowing, (%)
– corn, sunflower 3
– mineral fertilizer 10
Unevenness of seed sowing between devices,(%)
– corn, sunflower 3
– mineral fertilizer 10
Seed grinding, not more than, (%)
– corn,sunflower 0.2
Productivity, (ha/h) 3.3-4.6
Weight of seed drill, (kg) 3000
Dimensions of seed drill ( without marker), (mm)
– Length 4100
– Width 5800
– Height(with marker) 3000
Transport dimensions of drill (on public roads), (mm)
– Length 5600
– Width 2500
– Height 3000
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h) 10
Required power of tractor, (hp.) 82
Traction category of tractor 1.8
Warranty period, mos. (months) 12
Operating life, yr (years) 8
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