Precision seed drill SPM-8

746000 UAH
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A precision seed drill SPM-8 is high-tech equipment for dotted sowing. It can be combined with a calibrated and non-calibrated seed grain. In addition to its primary function, the seed drill provides an effective fertilizer and packing of soil.

Advantages of SPM-8

In order to maximize the accuracy of seed distribution, the design of this model attained modern sowing devices from a well-known American manufacturer. A vacuum-type system provides precise metering of seeds at the predetermined depth due to the ground impact of double disc coulters with double replica wheels. The rolling wheels, the rolling strength of which can be adjusted, excellently deal with rolling the seeds.

The model SPM-8 is equipped with a wavy turbo disk that qualitatively prepares the ground for sowing and clears it from residues. The seeding control system, which is implemented in drills SPA-8, precisely controls various indicators during sowing. A double disc coulter easily adjusts at the predetermined depth of the ground penetration. It is also possible to adjust the distance from the seedbed to the embedding line of fertilizers.

Application area

The precision seed drill SPM-8 is suitable for use in all climate zones, in different types of soils. The areas with mountain farming are the only exception. In order to handle such sites, highly specialized equipment is used.

The seed drills can be equipped with disks that are intended for planting crops such as sunflower and corn. The manufacturer recommends using this seed drill with a tractor of traction category─ 2.0.

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Type trailed
Type of sowing devices Mechanical drive from supporting drive wheels
Seed distributor Pneumatic, disk type
Inter-row spacing, (cm) 70
Deviation from predetermined trace width, (cm) +/-2
Deviation from interfacial trace width,( cm) +/-5
Coulter pressure, (kg) 40-100
Volume of grain hopper, (kg) 560
Volume of fertilizer hopper, (kg) 920
Sowing depth of seed, (cm) 2-12
Number of coulters, (pcs.) 8
Sowing speed, (km/h) 8-11
Norm of fertilizer embedding, (kg/ha) 30-500
Norm of seed sowing, (ths.pcs./ha)
– corn 30-180
– – sunflower 25-120
Unsteadiness of general seed sowing, (%)
– corn, sunflower 3
– mineral fertilizer 10
Seed grinding, not more than, (%)
– corn, sunflower 0.2
Productivity, (ha/h) 4.5-6.2
Weight of seed drill, (kg) 3800
Seed drill dimensions, (without markers), (mm)
– Length 4100
– Width 7200
– Height(with markers) 3000
Transport dimensions of drill (on public roads), mm
– Length 7900
– Width 2500
– Height 3000
Transport speed, not more than, (km/h) 10
Required power of tractor, (hp.) 100
Traction class of tractor 2.0
Warranty period, mos. (months) 12
Operating life, yr. ( years) 8
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