Trailed seed drill SZM Nika-4

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A seed drill SZM Nika-4 is modern agricultural equipment for sowing crops in-line method. Despite the fact that there is a minimum tillage (Mini-Till), the functional SZM Nika -4 excellently copes with its main task. For aggregation, it is recommended to use the tractor of a traction category — 1.4

Seed drill for the Ukrainian fields!

While creating a side drill Nika-4, specialists of Veles-Agro have foreseen specific features of the Ukrainian fields. This approach led the technique be extremely convenient in usage. As a result, it has been decided to implement the following designs features:

  • Spacing of coulters to ensure better running in the fields with a lot of residue
  • Right and left-hand screws that attach the coulter disks
  • Elongated bar of shock absorber
  • Wide neck of hopper for loading seeds and fertilizers
  • ffective implemented mechanism that ensures synchronized work of cylinders

Application of drills SZM Nika-4

Currently, energy saving technologies is being actively implemented in the agricultural field. That is why the soil is minimally cultivated and harrowed only in need of seeding the field with crops. A universal drill is required for a good sprouting. Model SZM Nika – 4 is designed for sowing grain and industrial crops, herbs, vegetables, beans, and a variety of seed mixtures.

Design features of seed drill SZM Nika-4

Drills of this model have two hoppers for 920 and 350 liters of seed and fertilizer. The offset disks of coulters allow forming the proper seedbed, prevents the tillage equipment from clogging and residue of thick-stalked crops. The task of the first disk is to cut a flat line of sowing and grind the residues. The second disc harrows the soil and prepares a seedbed.
The mechanism of clamping springs, which is included in the design of a seed drill, maintains a required planting depth and copies the surface of soil. Located behind the coulter, a special wheel provides additional clarity of embedment. At the same time, the seed embeds in the soil and receives the necessary percentage of humidity for a good sprouting in the future.
Swedish boron steel is used to manufacture seed drills. Working bodies are equipped with reliable double-row bearings with sealing cuff and cover to provide protection from the dust.

Additional information

Seed drill SZM Nika-4 is attached to the tractor with a help of trailer elements. There is an option of a lengthwise transportation, through which it has become possible to transfer the tillage equipment on public roads.

On request of a client, it is possible to produce universal traverses that can be purchased as design features of the base model or as an accessory.


Type trailed
Working width, (m) 4
Transport width, (m) 5.2/2.5
Number of coulters, (pcs.) 26
Inter-row spacing, (cm) 15.24 – 17.00
Coulter pressure, (kg) 80 – 120
Volume of seed hopper, (l) 920
Volume of fertilizer hopper,(l) 350
Volume of herbal hopper,(1) 120
Sowing depth, (mm) 10-89
Norm of grain seeding, (kg/ha) 6.0 – 400
Norm of herbal seeding, (kg/ha) 1.0 – 80
Norm of fertilizer embedding, (kg/ha) 25 – 250
Productivity, (ha/h) 2.5 – 4.0
Weight of seed drill, (kg) 1450/2050
Weight of seed drill with full hoppers, (kg) 2600/3000
Required power of tractor, (hp ) 105/82
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