Mechanical seed drill SZM Nika-6

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Two decades ago, many fields in our country were seeded in “old-fashioned” method with outdated machines and unskilled labor. The appearance of modern and highly technical devices, such as a mechanical seed drill SZM Nika-6 from Veles-Agro, brought the opportunity for big farms to plant crops with minimal labor and time loss on tillage. The new agricultural equipment has successfully implemented energy saving technologies that minimize costs and still produce a great result!

Advantages of seed drill SZM Nika-6

The use of highly technical drills brings minimize preparation of tillage. The positive effect from this equipment is achieved due to a progressive system of packing seed and pressure on the coulters, which is increased to 80-120 kg.

The manufacturer has modernized the classic, approved by more than one generation of farmers, seed metering system. The design elements with big volume and high level of durability have been applied in order to create a new seed drill. While working on the improvement of mechanisms, the latest engineering technology has been found.

It is possible to set the micro seeding rate of equipment at 6 kg / ha. The option of macro seeding is also available and it provides seeding up to 400 kg per 1 hectare of the field area. Optionally, the mechanical seed drill Nika-6 can be equipped with small-seeded hopper. The consumption of seed material can be adjusted within 1 to 40 kg per hectare.

Design features of seed drill SZM Nika-6

The basic design of seed drill Nika-6 is equipped with two hoppers with volume of 1300 and 525 liters, which are intended for seed and fertilizer. Good capacity of hoppers reduces time loss that is spent during organization of additional loading seeds and fertilizers. It is possible to dismount the partition that gives the opportunity to have one large compartment for seed with a total volume of 1825 liters.

Offset disks of coulters are another innovation in the design of this drill. They ensure the formation of an ideal seedbed and reliable protection of working bodies from clogging. The task of the first disk is to cut a flat line of sowing and grind the residues. The second disc harrows the soil and prepares a seedbed.

Swedish boron steel, which is used for the manufacture of the working bodies, has durability 3 times higher than its analogues. Each disc of coulter is equipped with reliable bearings. The mechanism of clamping springs, which is included in the design of a seed drill, maintains a required planting depth and copies the surface of soil. As a result, the seed material receives the necessary percentage of humidity for a good sprouting in the future.

Buy mechanical seed drill SZM Nika-6 from the manufacturer!

Veles-Agro Ltd offers to buy SZM Nika-6 and other models of drills at reasonable prices from the manufacturer. In addition, all agricultural units are covered by warranty service. You can ask specialist to come and replace unit parts for free.

The manufacturer recommends using this drill with the tractor of traction category ─ 3.0. It is possible to order this drill in a mounted or trailed type.

Choosing a mechanical seed drill SZM Nika-6, you do a right choice in the development of your farm, a rich harvest will be a result of your investment!


Type trailed
Working width, (m) 6
Transport width, (m) 6.0/2.5
Number of coulters, (pcs.) 39
Inter-row spacing, (cm) 15.24 – 17
Coulter pressure, (kg) 80 – 120
Volume of grain hopper, (l) 1260
Volume of fertilizer hopper,(l) 630
Volume of herbal hopper, (l) 180
Sowing depth,(mm) 10-89
Norm of grain seeding, (kg/ha) 8.0 – 120
Norm of herbal seeding, (kg/ha) 1.0 – 40
Norm of fertilizer embedding, (kg/ha) 25 – 250
Productivity, (ha/h) 3.1 – 6.0
Weight of seed drill, (kg) 4300
Required power of tractor, (hp) 200/130
Traction class of tractor 3.0
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