Subsoiler GRS 3.0

159400 UAH

Subsoiler GRS 3.0 is a high-tech machine tool that is widely used by farmers for tillage. Modern technology excellently copes with loosening soil, which is especially important in the preparation of plots located on the slopes, and fallow fields. This type of tillage can be rendered as a decent alternative to the spring or autumn plowing.

Advantages of the technology

Deep loosening is the most important and primary operation, without which it is impossible to imagine the tillage technology. An application of subsoiler gives the following:

  • Quality loosening of the upper soil layers
  • Removal of lower surface compactions
  • Increased strength of the root layer
  • Improvement of water, air and heat exchange processes in soil layers
  • Prevention of soil erosion

Subsoiler GRS 3.0 by Veles-Agro

Subsoiler 3.0 GDS is an irreplaceable tool in the spring, when fields need to be cultivated before sowing. It can also be used to prepare fields for sowing winter crops, which usually happens in the fall. After removal of the crop, including long-stalked ones, subsoiler GRS 3.0 can quickly and accurately even the surface of the field, and even partially crush long-stalked residues.

High-performance and cost-effective equipment can significantly reduce the time costs and reduce energy consumption, as well as increase yields. The use of human resources is reduced to a minimum, which is another strong reason for purchasing such a highly technical machine.


Productivity (ha/h) 2.4
Working width, (m) 3.0
Operating speed (km/h) up to 8
Working depth, (cm) up to 45
Number of subsoiler elements, (pcs.) 6
Working depth ( with a roller), (cm) 6‒10
Tractor power, (hp) 140‒160
Weight with a roller, (kg) 1770
Traction class of tractor 3.0‒4
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