Subsoiler GRS-4.0

210500 UAH

Subsoiler GRS-4.0 greatly simplifies the preparation of soil for sowing and winter rest. It is designed for loosening soil and subsurface compactions with deepening of the plow horizon. The application of modern subsoiler eliminates spring and autumn plowing in favor of no moldboard tillage. This tillage tool is a practical solution for sub soiling on fallow fields and slopes.

Application area of subsoiler GRS 4.0

  • Our farmers and others use GRS for the following:
  • Soil cultivation (surfaces) before the spring sowing campaign
  • Main treatment for sowing winter crops
  • Stubble cereals and other crops after harvesting

Such practical and economical tillage equipment can grind upper soil layers without any problems. The surface of the field becomes more even and residues of long—stalked plants are partially crushed.

What is good about application of subsoiler GRS-4.0?

The system of no moldboard tillage includes a number of important technological operations, among which a deep loosening takes a special place. Fortunately, the appearance of such tillage equipments, as subsoiler GRS-4.0 let the process be automatic, when before it required a large number of human resources. A thorough soil loosening allows to crush a “plow sole” (more dense lower surfaces), to improve the biological processes in the soil layers, to prevent unwanted erosion.

The main advantage of a subsoiler GRS-4.0 over other similar tillage equipments is depicted by the following design feature: the working points of subsoiler are “mirror” located in relation to each other. Moreover, this model is rather distinguished due to a high productivity and low fuel consumption. The competent representatives of Veles-Agro Company are always ready to tell you more about the benefits of modern subsoilers!


Productivity, _ha/h) 3.5-4
Working width, (m) 4
Operating speed, (km/h) up to 8/td>
Working depth, (cm) up to 45
Number of subsoiler elements, (pcs.) 8
Working depth (with roller), (cm) 6‒10
Tractor power, (hp) 320-360
Weight with roller, (kg) 2000
Traction class of tractor 5
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