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Subsoiler of the GRS series with application of fertilizers are designed for loosening the soil on dump and bottomless backgrounds with deepening of arable horizon, soil-free tillage of soil instead of autumn and spring plowing and deep loosening on slopes and steam fields, with simultaneous application of fertilizers, thanks to an additional developed, Mineral fertilizers. It consists of 4 tanks, a volume of 200 liters. Each. This function allows the application of granular mineral fertilizers with a depth adjustment of 250‒400mm. This introduction allows the plants, in the middle phase of their development, to develop the root system to the depth of fertilizer deposition.

Subsoiler GRS 4 for surface tillage is used in the period of pre-sowing tillage in spring and on the main processing for winter cereal crops in autumn, on stubble of cereals, and also after harvesting other crops, including long-stemmed ones, after preliminary peeling with disk tools.
Deep chopper performs additional crushing of the upper soil layer, leveling of the field surface and partial grinding of long-stem vegetable residues.

In the system of soil-free tillage, deep loosening (chilling) is an important technological operation allowing loosening of the treated layer and destroying the compacted lower horizons (plow soles), increasing the thickness of the root layer, improving the air, water and thermal regimes of the soil, activating biological processes, accumulating soil moisture, Prevent water and wind erosion.

An additional advantage is the installation on the aggregate of the working elements that are installed «mirror» in the direction to each other. With the help of the formed «cone» there is a displacement and destruction of the entire layer of soil between the working bodies, and not «splitting».

Subsoiler GRS 4 is more productive and less energy-consuming, it ensures a reduction in labor costs and a per-hectare fuel consumption, an increase in the yield of cultivated crops.

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