Cultivator KM-5.6

95000 UAH

Cultivator KM 5.6 is a high-tech agricultural equipment that provides efficient inter-row cultivation of industrial, tall-stalked crops among of which are sunflower, corn, sorghum, and etc. Due to the detailed design of KM 5.6, the width of the row spacing can be easily and quickly changed. Cultivator KM 5.6 now loosens the soil at the desired depth even easier!

Cultivator KM 5.6 works faster, deeper, stronger!

Velos-Agro’s model KM-5.6 has proved to be reliable and functional equipment in operation. The agricultural equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer has any longer been in need of advertising, so it remains only to mention the design features of the model:

  • Reinforced frame of cultivator that withstands the maximum permissible load
  • Parallelogram section provides an optimal clarity copying of the cultivated surfaces
  • Stepless adjustment system of the working tillage depth
  • width of row-spacing
  • Strengthened sections of cultivator, easy processing of heavily compacted soil
  • Protective shields prevent plants from falling asleep during the operation at maximum speed
  • Possible mounting with one-way flat cutting shanks
  • Ability to mould up the crop at a speed of 10 km / h;
  • High-strength boron steel

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, this cultivator requires a tractor of traction class 2.0.


Type mounted
Working depth, (m) 5.6
Productivity (ha/чh) 8
Operating speed, not more than, (km/h) 12
Number of rows, (pcs.) 8
Number of sections, (pcs.) 9
Weight of cultivator, (kg) 1300
Height, (mm) 7600
Length, (mm) 2090
Height, (mm) 2025
Required power of tractor, (hp) 80-120
Traction class of tractor 2.0
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