Cultivator KPG-14

817850 UAH

A cultivator KPG-14 is widely used in the agricultural field to prepare the soil for planting and cultivation of leas. Two parallel stages of process occur at once: a harrowing and packing of soil. Cultivator KPG-14 is suitable for use in areas where soil resistivity is up to 0.05 MPa, and its humidity is not more than 27%.

The lancet type shanks with different dimensions (listed in the table.) can be included as well. The length of shanks will vary the amount of working parts, which are arranged in rows. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the cultivator KPG-14 copes even with the residues of thick stalked crops and operates smoothly without clogging.

Design features of KPG-14

The spring cage roller of KPG-14 helps to level the surface of field. The angle of attack of the teeth can be easily adjusted depending on conditions. The KPG-14 also has tubular rollers that completely level the surface of field by crushing clods of land.

Stoppers, which block the rod speed of hydraulic cylinders, regulate the working depth. The desired effect is achieved by adjusting the position of thrust rings.

Power required for soil treatment can be different and it depends on the following factors:

  • Type of soil
  • Humidity level in soil
  • Number of crop residues
  • Form of shanks
  • Working depth
  • Operating speed of cultivator, etc

Additional information

The minimum power required for a stable operation of cultivator is in the range of 20 – 27 hp. The manufacturer recommends a tractor of traction category 5 for this cultivator.

The weight of KPG-14 and other its specifications are indicated in the table below.


Type trailed
Working width,( m) 14
Working width of working shanks, (mm) 260-330
Working depth, (cm) 5-12
Number of working shanks, (pcs.) 59
Operating speed, (km/h) 5-10
Transport width, (m) 5,8
Transport height,(m) 4,1
Weight of cultivator, (kg), 6500
Required power of tractor, (hp)  350
Traction category of tractor 5.0
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