Trailed cultivator KPG – 8.2

540700 UAH

A trailed cultivator KPG 8.2 is a tillage machine that is designed to prepare the soil for sowing and cultivation of leas. KPG- 8.2 simultaneously performs two operations of process: a harrowing and packing of soil. Efficient operation of the tillage equipment is possible when soil resistivity is up to 0.5 MPa and humidity is up to 27%. The designers and testers of the company Veles-Agro recommend using the cultivator KPG – 8.2 with the tractor of traction category 3-4.

On request of a client, the manufacturer offers KPG-8.2 in different packages. It can be equipped with lancet type shanks with dimensions of 180 to 330 mm. The size of shanks will vary the amount of working parts that are included in the package.

Design Features

The working shanks are located in rows and they ensure a smooth work of cultivator without clogging even if there are many residues.

The spring cage rollers are also included in the design of KPG-8.2. The application of cultivator with a 5-row working elements provides an optimum quality of leveling. The springs with a roller form the top mulching layer of soil. One of the functional components may be uninstalled if it is needed.

Power requirements

In order to operate with cultivator productively, the required power is 20 – 27 hp. The required power can be precisely determined if the following important factors can be taken into account:

  • Type of soil
  • Humidity indicator
  • Number of crop residues
  • Operating speed of cultivator
  • Working depth of soil, etc

The weight of KPG-8.2 and other its specifications are indicated in the table below.


Type of cultivator trailed
Working width, (m) 8.2
Working width of shank, (mm) 260
Working depth, (cm) 6-13,5
Number of working shanks, (pcs.) 34
Operating speed, (km/h) 12
Productivity, (ha/h) 8
Length, (mm) 6100
Width, (mm) 5100
Height, (mm) 3800
Weight of cultivator, (kg ) 4100
Required power of tractor, (hp) 150-200
Traction category of tractor 3 – 4
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