Trailed cultivator KPG – 6

358800 UAH

A cultivator KPG-6 is a highly technical trailed machine for soil treatment, which is equipped with spring cage rollers. This tillage equipment is used for presowing. It is also designed for harrowing leas.

Design features and functionality of KPG-6 cultivator

The manufacturer offers customers the opportunity to choose the type of lancet shanks from 180 to 330 mm. The size of shanks will vary the amount of working parts that are located in rows.

Such design feature of KPG-6 makes it less vulnerable. It does not clog even when there are many residues of thick stalked crops.

The spring cage roller with a possible regulation of teeth attack is another advantage of this equipment. Its main task is to level the field thoroughly. The next step is to level the fertile layer of soil with a roller. The processing steps of leveling the field can be interchanged by dismounting the element.

Stoppers, which block the rod speed of hydraulic cylinders, regulate the working depth. The desired effect is achieved by adjusting the position of thrust rings.

Terms of Use

In order to operate with cultivator productively, the required power is 20 – 27 hp. The required power can be precisely determined if the following important factors can be taken into account:

  • Type of soil
  • Humidity indicator
  • Number of crop residues
  • Operating speed of cultivator
  • Working depth of soil, etc

The manufacturer recommends a tractor of traction category 2-3 for this cultivator.


Working width, (m) 6
Working width of shank, (mm) 260-330
Working depth, (cm) 4-14
Number of working shanks, (pcs.) 26
Productivity, (ha/h.) 6-10
Transport width, (m.) 3
Transport height, (m) 2.8
Weight of cultivator, (kg) 2700
Traction category of tractor 2-3
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